Art Director & Graphic Designer

Ivan Piperis

As an Art Director & Graphic Designer, I work in visual communication to create increasingly efficient Brand Image for businesses.

I interact with all of the other professional figures that rotate around the world of communication to convey a strong, clear and unique message designed to make your product or service stand out from the others.     

I’m Ivan Piperis, Art Director & Graphic Designer and I work in visual communication. I create the ideal image or combination of different visual elements best suited to transmit a distinctive message of communication.   

Whether it’s a photo, an illustration, an animated image, a graphic design, a typeface or a range of colours, everything must be developed through a design process in order to become efficient and recognisable visual communication.

That’s not all, my activities also involve finding the right support, the material, the combination of sensorial aspects that make up the visual experience that surrounds a message.

I often work in conjunction with other professional figures, so that the visual component dialogues efficiently with text and images, to convey a strong, clear and unique message.

What does an Art Director & Graphic Designer actually do?
I help businesses to

  • Stand out with an efficient and coordinated visual identity
  • Implement integrated campaigns to promote products and services
  • Create advertising images for various uses
  • Realise coordinated communication strategies for different media
  • Create concepts for offline and online communication
  • Generate pre and post sales product experiences
  • Develop ideas for communications materials: coordinated images, brochures, packaging,
  • merchandising, digital content and lots more

Today, the range and quantity of products and services on offer is constantly growing, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish one from another.

This is why my work has become fundamental for any business that wishes to remain up to date, constantly finding new, winning ideas in order to emerge.

I construct the strategy around the client and their competencies, through an efficient and memorable visual language that highlights the distinctive aspects of their products or services.

Ritratto di Ivan Art Director & Graphic Designer

About me

I’ve always loved the world of imagery and design.

Since my time at Art School, I have experimented with diverse forms of representation, from free hand drawing to modelling, through techniques for printing, screen-printing, lithography, typography and engraving.

I have always had a soft spot for the analogue printing techniques that allow for serial reproduction.

This is what led me to my enthusiasm for graphical design, something that I was able to explore further at university, studying at the ISIA Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche (Institute for Industrial Arts) in Urbino.

Thanks to ISIA I wa able to study under leading professional figures and learned about the worlds of photography, illustration, publishing, information technology and typography, discovering the beauty of each of these worlds and facing the impossible choice of deciding which one should become my career.

Luckily, the role of an Art Director means that I didn’t have to choose and I can use of all of the skills that I learned for a single scope: visual communication.   

Following graduation and a couple of years working in an advertising agency in Savona, I left for an overseas experience.

Amsterdam became my second home for over seven years. I worked there as art director and graphic designer for different internationally renowned brands.

Upon returning to Italy in 2014, my partner Leda and I opened our Studio Five O’Clock in Finalborgo (Savona).    

As well as pursuing my duties in the office, I continued working freelance with Sebastiano a great friend dating back to my time at ISIA.

Together we have undertaken an intense and eventful working journey lasting many years, working with a variety of famous brands and to this day, we continue along our creative team path.   

In recent years, I have had the opportunity to get to know and collaborate with Stefano, Natalia, Paolo, Maria and Jonathan and together we have decided to unite to design all round integrated communication services.   
Together we have created this group that bears the name of the study that was created years ago with Leda.

Studio Five O’Clock has been renewed and now offers a consolidated team of experts that guarantee enthusiasm, professionalism and a great desire to get the job done.

Taking a tea with us is always a good idea!

I don’t have a preferred tea; my choice depends on my mood.

Sometimes my cup doesn’t even have any tea in it, the important thing is that there are other cups around with which to share ideas, thoughts and emotions.