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A creative living-room for business communication situated
in Finale Ligure

Seven freelance professionals that work all over the place and a creative living-room in Finale Ligure for distinctive business communications solutions: that’s Studio Five O’Clock. An Art Director & Graphic Designer, a Copywriter, Blogger & Social Media Manager, two Photographers & Video Makers, a Web Designer & Developer, a mother-tongue English Copywriter and an Architect & Interior Designer.

We are a group of seven freelance professionals of consolidated experience that work independently or as a team to help you stand out online and offline through focussed and distinct business communication projects. We integrate multidisciplinary skills to provide personalised communication solutions based on specific requirements and the target market.

Do you know the best time of day for ideas?
5 o’clock sharp.

In fact, every day at 5, we switch off our devices and meet up in our creative living-room in Finale Ligure over a cup of tea.

It’s here that we compare notes about the business communication projects that we manage with dynamic and creative flair.

Do you wonder what we talk about?

Everything you need for largescale promotion of your product and values in a single communication agency in Finale Ligure. A single point of contact, all of the services for your Brand Image: a great advantage for harmonious and coordinated communication.

What do you need to stimulate the visibility of a business or product?

All of the previously illustrated activities are aimed at identifying and asserting the identity and the personality of a brand or a business. This complex process is called Branding and it helps you become known and appreciated by potential customers and consolidates long-term relationships, so that your product or services become increasingly “objects of desire”.

Studio Five O’Clock:
a creative living-room for distinctive business communication solutions.