A creative living-room for
business communication
situated in Finale Ligure.

Efficient business communication projects
aligned with your strategic objectives.
A group of freelance professionals based in Finale Ligure
that work for you whatever your location,
both individually and as a team..

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tazza intro

“Your cup of tea”

Make yourself comfortable in our living-room,
discover who we are

and what we can do
for you and your business.

Choose one or more services according
to your needs and contact us
to take a cup of tea together.

What’s your favourite tea?
What is it called? What’s its colour?
What is it saying?

Creating a visual identity
for your business
is a bit like picking the right tea
to enjoy at your favourite time of day.

Immagine 49

Sipping a cup of tea
to dream and travel together.
Talking about your story and your products
using the right words
will bring you many new travel companions.

A tea or a coffee are the essence of a time-out where ideas can take shape.
Telling a story
with an efficient business-relevant image
is a crucial art to get you flying high.

Some people prefer coffee; some prefer tea.
Some people prefer to knock on a door; some prefer to search on the web.
Whether online or offline,
it’s best to be found
wearing your best suit.

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At five o’clock, a tea or a beer

offer a thousand creative ideas.
“An English Signature” for text

that will lead your business across five continents

in the time needed for a simple click.

A cup of tea can take you

to another dimension.
Whatever your chosen dimension, 

it should be furnished with care

to represent you at your best.